Stop Nibbling Those Carrots! Three Ways To Keep Pesty Rabbits Out Of Your Garden

Rabbits are cute, but they can sure be a nuisance when they keep finding their way into your garden and eating your plants. In order to protect your veggies and flowers from these noteworthy nibblers, consider employing one or more of these tactics. Put up a rabbit fence. Since rabbits can’t jump very high, a fence to keep them out of your garden does not have to be any more than three feet tall. However, it does have to be constructed in such a way that rabbits cannot wiggle under it or between panels. They’re amazing at squeezing through tiny Read More →

How To Choose The Right Fence Gate For Your Backyard

The gate leading into your backyard is an important part of fencing, since it will give some flair to the fence and also create a safe entry into the yard. From DIY built fence gates to pre-assembled gates from a home improvement store, your focus should be on security and ease of use. In order for the gate to be the best choice for your fence, you’ll need to take some time to explore your options for fence gates and the variations that are available. Take Your Time With Measurements The height of the fence will make all the difference Read More →

3 Great Ways To Make Your Commercial Fencing More Private

Are you looking for a way to boost your business privacy? Sometimes, it isn’t always a good idea to offer the public an uninterrupted view of your operation. Competitors might sneak a peek to learn more about the vendors that you use, or pedestrians might get curious and stumble into a dangerous work area. Here are three ways to make your commercial fencing more private, so that you don’t run in to trouble. 1: Privacy Slats Because chain link fencing is such a highly economical option, many business owners use it to surround their entire property. Unfortunately, although those strong Read More →