Want A New Fence? Be Sure To Pick The Right Wood For The Job

Have you decided that you need to install a new fence around your yard, but you feel overwhelmed by the number of materials to choose from? Even if you've narrowed down your selection to wood, there are plenty of types of wood that you have to pick from. Here are the key things that you need to know about the most popular types of wood fence materials.


Ever wonder why cedar is so frequently used for fences? This is not only because the material looks beautiful with its reddish-brown color, but also due to how the cedar material naturally resists decay and rot. This is possible because of the preservatives found in the wood that act as a protective barrier. The tight wood grains of cedar also make it hard for moisture to penetrate the wood. 


Redwood is another wood material that resists decay and rot due to the tight grains. However, redwood is also known to be incredibly durable. It will be able to resist harsh outdoor weather conditions, making it a great choice for a fence in any part of the country. The straight grains of redwood also make the material easy to work with because cutting wood is always easier when you cut along with the grain.


Pine wood is a popular choice when it has been pressure treated. This gives it resistance to moisture and insect damage that other fencing materials have problems with. The material itself is also very affordable, which can help if you are building a fence with a tight budget in mind. Pressure-treated pine wood also helps provide a fencing material with very low maintenance as well due to all of these factors. 


Another affordable option to use is spruce wood. This material is very lightweight, which is helpful to anyone that is building a fence on their own. The wood also has a soft texture to it, which makes cutting the material with power tools quite easy. Spruce is a widely available material as well, so you won't have a problem tracking it down at a local home improvement store. If you want to change the color of a spruce fence, know that it will absorb paint or stain quite well when compared to other materials with a tight grain pattern.

Reach out to a fence company for more information about selecting the wood for your fence.

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