Three Ways To Make Your Deck Truly Unique

If you're considering adding a deck to your home, you've probably noticed by now that most decks look about the same. They're a raised platform with a straight set of stairs leading up to them, and patio doors opening up into the home. You want a deck, but you don't want to be boring! Thankfully, you don't have to be. There are ways to make decks a lot more unique. Here are three ideas to get you started.

Install a spiral staircase.

What if there were a spiral staircase leading up to your deck from the backyard? That would definitely make your deck stand out from the crowd. There are spiral staircase kits that you can purchase from places like Lamonaca Iron Works Inc if you want to build such a staircase yourself, and many fencing companies also install spiral staircases. Get an estimate up-front, and make sure you take the staircase into consideration when you design the deck. You'll have to set the staircase back a bit so that it can spiral dramatically, which will take up a bit more yard space than a traditional, straight staircase. Echo the spiraling stairs with spiral designs burned into the wooden deck posts, or with matching table legs on your deck table.

Build in some planter boxes.

Housing garden plants on the deck is not a new idea, but building your planter boxes right into the deck is. Talk to your deck builder about creating some long planter boxes that drop down along the sides of the deck. You can even include smaller, round planters in the corners. Plant a small tree in each of the large planters and flowers in the longer ones. The result will be a colorful garden that feels like it's one with your deck.

Create a multi-level deck.

This idea works well if you have a lot of space and plan on building a big deck. Instead of making the deck a level platform, build it on two or three different levels -- sort of like a really wide, large staircase. You can set up dining tables and a grill on one level, a garden area on another level, and some lounge chairs and a hot tub on the third level. You'll be able to look up from the yard and see all three levels ascending towards your home.

Your deck does not need to be boring! With spiral stairs, a multi-level design, and built-in gardens, it will be the talk of the town.

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