Just Buy A Home With Aluminum Fencing? Tips To Help Take Care Of It

Have you recently purchased a home that has aluminum fencing around it? If so, it is understandable to be a bit confused about how you should take care of it. You do not want the quality of the fence to deteriorate because you did not know what you should be doing. Here are 3 things that you can do to help ensure the fence looks good over the years.

Carefully Trim Around The Fence

If you previously had a metal fence, you may be used to the material being able to take some abuse when taking care of your yard. You should be a bit mindful about how you trim weeds around an aluminum fence when using a gas or electric trimmer.

The tool may be powerful enough to chip off the aluminum fence's paint where it is near the weeds. The aluminum can also damage the line used in the trimmer if you get too close as well. Just be careful when you trim around the fence to avoid causing any damage. If you do accidentally chip the paint, know that it can be repainted if you find that it is bothering you.

Clean The Aluminum Material

It is important to clean the aluminum from time to time to keep it looking in great shape. You can do this by brushing off any loose debris on the fence using a soft broom. Then create a mild cleaning solution with dish soap and warm water, and wipe down your fence using a rag and the cleaning solution. Rinse off any remaining soap with your garden hose once finished.

Be aware that you should be cleaning an aluminum fence in sections, rather than scrubbing the entire fence with soap first before rinsing it off. It's possible that the soap can dry on the material from being out in the sun for too long, so work quickly and in small sections to ensure this doesn't happen.

Paint The Fence

There may come a time where you want to paint the material because it is looking bad. Thankfully, aluminum is easy to paint on your own. Sand off existing paint and rust before you rinse off the fence with a hose. Allow it to dry, then apply one coat of primer and two coats of paint for a darker color.

These tips will help ensure that your aluminum fence looks great for many years at your new home. Contact companies like Town & Country Fence to learn more about caring for your aluminum fence.

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