Wood, Metal, Vinyl And More: 4 Tips To Choose The Most Durable Fencing Materials For Your New Fence

When you are ready to have a new fence installed, you want to use materials that will last for years. Some materials like treated pine only last a few years before they start to show their age and begin to need repairs. There are alternatives to wood, such as aluminum, composites and vinyl. Some tropical lumbers are also very durable for fencing. Here are some of the most durable fencing materials to choose from when you need a new fence installed:

1. Tropical Lumbers That Give You a Durable Wood Solution

If you want to have the look of wood for the fencing you are installing, then there is nothing more durable than tropical lumber. Many of these woods are native to tropical rain forest climates, and they are naturally resistant to decay and insects. Tropical materials like Brazilian cherry are the hardest lumber materials, so they will be difficult to work with, but they will also last the longest.

2. Durability, Low-Maintenance and Lower Costs with Composite Lumber

Composite lumber is another good choice for wood fence style without the cost associated with tropical woods. Composite lumber now comes in many different styles, which resemble natural wood materials that are commonly used outdoors. The composite materials will also last a lot longer than treated pine, cedar and many hardwood materials. It is important to note that the cheaper composites may degrade overtime and need repairs, or to be replaced.

3. Different Styles and Lower Costs with Low-Maintenance Vinyl Fencing

There are also vinyl fencing systems that are an affordable solution for new fences. Vinyl fencing is easy to install and comes in a variety of different colors for you to choose from. The low-maintenance of vinyl fencing makes it ideal if you want something that does not require regular care and repairs. Vinyl can be damaged, so it may not be ideal for some applications where fencing can be struck and damaged. Aluminum fencing is a great alternative to vinyl if you are worried that a vinyl fence may get damaged in the environment where you are having it installed.

4. Fencing That Will Truly Last for Years with Durable Aluminum Fencing Options

If you want a fence that will truly last for years, aluminum is the best choice. Aluminum fencing does not cost much more than some of the other common fencing materials, yet it will last a lot longer. Vinyl is a great solution for the look of iron fencing without the cost, or as a durable alternative to vinyl and wood fencing materials.

These are some of the most durable choices of fencing materials for your new fence. When you are ready to start a fence project, contact a fencing company like Tyson Fence Co and talk with the pros about using durable aluminum fencing. 

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