The Steps To Installing A New Vinyl Fence

Installing a new fence may take longer than you think because there is a lot of prep work involved. You can do some of this work yourself and even buy the fencing if you want to save some money on installation costs. Here is a quick look at the steps involved in putting in a new vinyl fence.

Get The Legalities In Order

The first step is to call your local codes office to see if you need a permit to put up a new fence. Also, ask about regulations such as how far inside your property line the fence has to be built. Next, if you live in an HOA community, make sure vinyl fences are allowed by HOA regulations and see if there are any restrictions on placement or height. Finally, you may need to have your property surveyed for the boundary line and have your utility companies mark buried cables. This prevents you from positioning the fence out of bounds or above live cables that could be hit when digging post holes.

Clear The Land

You'll want to clear your property around the fence area in advance if you can. This entails mowing weeds and grass and pulling out bushes and other plants growing along the fence line. You may need to trim tree branches and level the ground. Also, remove any clutter or debris that could get in way of the contractors as they work in your yard.

Buy The Fencing

You can buy your new vinyl fence materials from the installers or you can buy them yourself if you think it will save you money. Just keep some things in mind. If your property has a hill or slope, buy rackable panels so the top of the fence is smooth as it goes over the hill. If you have a large yard, you'll probably want to buy the widest panels available so there will be fewer panels to install. However, vinyl panels can't be trimmed, so you'll need to measure your yard and then figure out how to make the vinyl panels fit. In addition to the panels, you'll need posts, concrete, and a gate kit.

Let The Installers Do Their Job

If a crew works on the fence, it might get done in a day. However, the concrete will need to set around the fence posts, so that time has to be factored in as well. Installing a fence is at least a two-man job, and the length of time it takes to complete depends on the length of your fence.

When your new vinyl fence is installed, you'll appreciate the privacy it gives you, and even better, you'll like that it requires very little maintenance in the coming years. Contact a company like AAA Fence and Gates to learn more.

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