How To Install A Secure Chain Link Fence For Your Child Or Pet Care Business

Installing a secure chain link fence around your pet care or day care business' yard can be an addition as important as a fence you would install around your backyard to keep safe your own children or pets. Your perimeter fence for a daycare or pet care business needs to provide protection and privacy for your clients to protect those in your care from potential outside threats. Here are several variations you may want to consider for your chain link fence installation to make it more secure for your particular type of business.

Secure Fence Foundation

A chain link fence provides your business a perimeter barrier for your day care, but it can be supplemented upon to provide a more complete barrier if you take care of dogs. First, make sure you order a bottom tension wire or rail for the bottom of the chain link sections. This gives your fence extra security from any dogs pushing the chain link mesh upward and attempting to escape the yard. Then, you can install a decorative and protective trench to prevent your client's pets from digging beneath the fence and escaping.

Once the chain link fence posts have been installed around the perimeter of your yard, you can dig the trench that will be positioned below your fence line and between each of the posts. A homesteader who installed this type of rock trench to protect their chicken flock from outside dogs recommends to dig a trench four to six inches deep where you will pour the rocks. They also dug the trench using a mini digger with a 400 millimeter (approximately 15 inches wide) bucket attachment to excavate the trench. This width of your trench will easily span on both sides of your chain link fence for optimal protection.

Next, install the chain link fence between the posts, and fill the trench with large-sized gravel or crushed rock. Overfill the trench with the rock so the rocks fit around to secure the bottom of the fence. Pour bagged concrete mixture over the rocks in the trench, pushing the concrete down around the rocks. It is recommended to use approximately one bag of concrete for each length between fence posts. Let the concrete set and cure according to the concrete's directions to ensure the rock-filled trench is stable.

Privacy Slats 

Once your chain link fence has been installed around the perimeter yard of your business, you can add privacy slats onto your fence to block out much of the view from the outside of the yard. Privacy can be a concern for a daycare business to keep the children of your clients safe from any outside threats. You can find privacy slats to add to your chain link fence in a variety of colors, materials, and view block-ability.

Privacy slats come in wood, aluminum, PVC, and in several different styles to more snugly fit within the links of your fence. Some slats slip between the slat with a slight gap between each slat, and other slats are created with side flaps to help cover the gap between each slat to provide more privacy. If you want your chain link fence to blend in with a more natural look, you can select slats that are covered in a faux-hedge material that looks similar to artificial pine tree boughs.

To additionally protect your daycare client's children from injury while playing inside your chain link perimeter, you can install a top cap made from a PVC. This covering fits over the top of your fence to cover the protruding metal links and seal off the top of the slats.

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