Choose An Attractive Fence For Your Front Yard

You've heard the adage – fences can make good neighbors. Or maybe you've just heard the sound of cars and passersby as you've tried to enjoy your front yard. Whatever the reason, you've decided you need to fence your front yard. Choose a fence style that best complements your home while giving you the privacy and security you need.

Wooden Privacy Fence

One of the most common reasons homeowners choose to fence in their front yard is for privacy. Wooden privacy fences are very popular. You can choose from different hardwoods and have the slats stained to meet your design ideal. You don't need to turn the fence into a wall, though. For example, the Landscaping Network describes a fence with horizontal boards featuring gaps. You still get light filtering through, but the yard is private. You could get a similar effect with lattice screens installed at regular intervals in vertical fencing.

Living Fencing

Some homeowners want to make their desire for privacy less evident. They achieve this by mixing open fencing with landscaping. For example, you could have a cheerful picket fence installed around your front yard. Create more privacy with ornamental trees and shrubs planted behind the fence. Another option is having a low stone fence built. You then plant a bushy shrub, such as bougainvillea, or tree, such as wisteria, to extend the height of the fence with a living screen. Adding a living element to your fence also helps increase security.

Wrought Iron Fence

Speaking of, security is another major reason for fencing in the front yard. An ideal security fence should look intimidating and be difficult to scale. Wrought iron fencing satisfies both requirements. Choose vertical poles spaced close enough that there's no toe-hold space. Have the posts topped with pointed finials, which make it obvious how uncomfortable scaling the fence would be. Wrought iron fencing is also considered a luxury material, so it adds curb appeal to the house while providing security. It's especially beautiful in front of historical-style houses.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link is one of the most popular fencing materials primarily because of its cost. Homeowners often choose this option to keep pets and children in the front yard. Chain link fencing can also be modified for privacy. For example, you could choose to have privacy slats or privacy fabric installed. This prevents people from looking through the chain links. It's also possible to use the chain links as support for climbing plants, another method of increasing privacy.

Choose a fence that offers privacy or security while adding curb appeal to your house. For more information, contact a business such as Fencing It In.

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