3 Reasons To Rely On A Professional For Sprinkler Trenching

The foundation of an effective sprinkler system is trenching. A trenching mistake can have an impact on the overall function of the sprinkler system, causing landscaping problems and possibly leading to costly repairs. Avoiding this process begins with choosing a professional to perform this task for you. If you were thinking of completing this process on your own, here are just some of the reasons why relying on a professional is a good idea.

Safety Concerns

The primary reason to rely on a professional is to protect your safety. Sprinkler trenching is in fact a significant digging project. In many areas, power and other utility lines run just below the surface of the ground, connecting your home with necessary services.

If you were to encounter a gas or an electrical line, you run the risk of injuring yourself and even putting the safety of others in your community at risk. Hitting a water line could cause a major flood that you would likely be responsible for, financially. Professional companies research first and dig later to ensure they are avoiding any potential hazards.

Attachment Selection

Professional trenching services also know how to choose the appropriate attachment for the trenching process. When choosing the appropriate attachment for digging, the makeup of the soil is the most important factor. Choosing the wrong attachment will only complicate the process. Take a frost attachment, for example.

This attachment is ideal for harsh conditions, such as ground that is frozen. Using this attachment on softer soil like black dirt would simply be overkill and would make the task more difficult. A cup attachment would be the better option in this instance.

Ground Disturbance

With sprinkler trenching, the goal is to dig for your lines without causing a major disturbance to the ground around you. The more you do so, the more work you will have on your own repairing the ground. A professional trenching service can perform this task for you while keeping ground disturbance minimal.

In addition to understanding what type of attachment to choose, how you navigate the priming tool ,and at what angle you drive the tool into the ground all have an impact on ground disturbance. A professional will analyze the area to see which methods are best.

Make sure you aren't overlooking the benefit that professional trenching services can bring to your project. Ensure you are laying the foundation for an effective and well-functioning sprinkler system.

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