3 Great Ways To Make Your Commercial Fencing More Private

Are you looking for a way to boost your business privacy? Sometimes, it isn't always a good idea to offer the public an uninterrupted view of your operation. Competitors might sneak a peek to learn more about the vendors that you use, or pedestrians might get curious and stumble into a dangerous work area. Here are three ways to make your commercial fencing more private, so that you don't run in to trouble.

1: Privacy Slats

Because chain link fencing is such a highly economical option, many business owners use it to surround their entire property. Unfortunately, although those strong posts and wires can keep people off of your land, they don't do much to protect your privacy. Fortunately, you might be able to solve this problem by installing privacy slats.

Privacy slats are long, skinny, vinyl strips that can be woven easily right through the top of that old chain link fence to reduce visibility. In addition to being incredibly easy to install and highly effective, privacy slats are also available in a huge range of colors, so that you can match or complement the exterior of your business.

2: Carefully Placed Landscaping

If you are looking for a natural way to keep onlookers from trying to get a free behind-the-scenes tour of your business, consider natural alternatives like carefully placed landscaping. You might be able to block the view from the road by planting hedges or fast-growing ivy near your fence.

Well-pruned hedges can give your business a regal, polished look, while ivy can weave its way through your fence and create a nostalgic appearance. Remember that although landscaping choices can do wonders for blocking the view, it might take some time for plants to reach maturity. Also, keep in mind that any new plants will need to be carefully maintained to make your business look professional.

3: Privacy Netting

If you need to set up a temporary commercial fence in an off-site location or construction site, it can be difficult to maintain your privacy. However, with the help of privacy netting, you can easily add a barrier without spending a lot of money.

Privacy netting is heavy black fabric that can be easily attached to fencing, allowing you to quickly block visibility whenever you need to. Although there are several varieties of privacy netting, most versions even contain riveted edges so that you can attach netting to fences with the help of zip ties, screws, or wires.

Keeping your location under wraps might help you to keep proprietary information private so that you can stay in business. Contact a company like City Fence for more information.

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